Before & After

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It’s always striking to see the difference that quality craftsmanship can make. The possibilities are endless, all without the cost and hassle of replacing.

12 Oak floor being fitted over new joists and insulation

Floor Restoration

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Barfords are qualified to remove and fit fresh flooring, from parquet to engineered and reclaimed antique boards.

Closeup of carpenters hands removing air from self-adhesive film

Vinyl Wrapping

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Bespoke and efficient, Barfords can quickly wrap desks, units and surfaces to alter their appearance with a minimum of fuss, with none of the expense and time of an off-site restoration and alteration.


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Barfords are fully qualified and proficient at Gilding, the use of gold leaf to repair, restore and replace an items surface. From antique chandeliers to stencilled typography, Gilded items are sure to draw the eye and stand the test of time.


French polishing

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Restoring fine furniture or damaged doors and panelling, Barfords use french polishing methods to remove blemishes, gouges, cup marks and dents and match colour and sheen levels.

Spray Finishing

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Barfords offer on and off-site spray facilities to ensure a high quality and bespoke finish for furniture, units and doors. We can spray both paint and lacquers for new and existing items.


Dust Free Floor Sanding

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High quality, professional dust-free sanding equipment allows Barfords to remove pre-existing finishes and damage from a floor and leave a fresh, new finish.

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