Paint Spraying Kitchen Units

The client required this existing white kitchen to be colour changed. We supplied various samples of finishes to chose from. Spray finishing gives a vastly better finish than applying by a paint brush !!
Barford’s spray painting ensures a perfect flat finish. We use special spraying equipment and waterbourne finishes to keep odour to a minimum also most importantly nullify fire risk, which is associated with high VOC’s solvent finishes.

The kitchen area is carefully protected to stop any paint over spray, and a mobile extractor is fitted to remove any airborne contamination affecting the paint finish.

The kitchen units are then thoroughly inspected and repaired. Once dry the units are de-greased and prepared for the fresh paint colour.

The existing white cabinet doors are carefully removed and re-finished in our studio, while the carcass and un-removable doors are finished in-situ.

Many light paint spray coats give a vastly superior finish compared to a couple of heavy paint spray coats.   20150630_170221


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