French Polishing

Historically, the method of French polishing was first documented in the 18th century as the best possible finish for fine furniture and stringed instruments. This process has over the years evolved into a term that is now commonly used to relate to the highest quality wood finishing.

Today with the increasing demands on ecological issues and budgets, why not restore what you have?

At Barfords we can alter the look of any wooden item, if damaged we can remove ‘white ring’ cup marks, gouges and dents. Then French polish to look new or even give an alternative finish.

We have saved many clients a small fortune by restoring damage or incorrect finishing that often occurs prior to handover.

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All methods and materials are traditionally based. We even crush and charcoal walnut shells to obtain a rich nutty stain that colors the wood beautifully and naturally, thus keeping the traditional craftsmanship alive.

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Before and After

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Wood Graining Effects applied to simulate natural wood. Our team are fully trained in the art of graining, be it to blend the appearance of a manufactured or metal surface in with surrounding natural surfaces or to just improve the aesthetic look.We apply Fire Proofing spread of flame retardant sealants to class ‘0’ standard to wood finishes, with supplied certification. In public places it is a legal requirement to stop the spread of flame (class 0 or 1).

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