French Polishing to Restore an 18th C. Solid Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table

A beautiful Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table. One leaf has experienced alot of damage with the mahogany very pitted. The works are carried out at the clients address. 20151203_093959[1] This picture shows the wear and pitted leaves in this antique  Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table.
20151204_082827[1]The original Brass castor has fallen off, its tapered and is normally burred over with a hand made washer, then  hammered to stop the castor dropping off.20151204_082853_HDR[1]


This is how the castor from the Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table should be restored.20151203_122407[1]This is the damaged leaf, it had the existing finish removed with low VOC chemical stripper so not to damage the finish. Stripping is our last resort, but after staining it now matches in well with the existing central leaf. 20151204_125710[1]So after a couple of days french polishing, this is the restored antique Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table. Its important to leave the original marks, dents and gouges. It’s had approx. twenty light coats of shellac applied to obtain this deep but thin finish – (note the light reflection). 20151204_125615[1] Another pic of the damaged section now fully restored antique Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table  – scroll back to the first image !!!20151204_125631[1]


All the leaves of this antique Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table now fully restored and blend beautifully. The outer legs swing out to hold the outer leaves in place. The three solid leaves appear to have been cut from the same tree section, as the grain pattern is very similar.20151204_131726[1] Our floor protection is packed away, this Antique Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table  is now a superb piece of furniture – and our very nice client is extremely pleased!!!





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