Fitting New Oak Chevron Parquet over Under Floor Heating

This is a new oak chevron floor being fitted over U.F.H. A chevron floor differs from standard parquet as the ends butt together forming a point, which gives a stunning but subtle quality floor.
Marking out the floor and the angle of the oak chevron points are so critical in the laying and setting out of the oak chevron. Every section of oak must be cut exactly to give a crisp edge.  20150811_085830

Choosing the correct adhesive is vital for the long term durability of the floor, especially with U.F.H. This first mix is being prepared and mixed slowly keeping aeration to a minimum. We have 2 hours working time before the adhesive sets rock solid. The green bucket keeps the area clean !!

The pointed wood is sections of the oak chevron awaiting stick down onto our plywood base.20150805_151537

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