Conservatory and kitchen parquet, repaired and restored

This conservatory and kitchen parquet floor had suffered water damage from a faulty washing-machine and had been harshly bleached from sunlight exposure. Much of the parquet by the exterior door had also come loose. Water had seeped in over time and loosened the adhesive holding the parquet in place. This was removed, cleaned and resecured.

When sanded, the walnut floor revealed a gorgeous and warm complexion completely at odds with its previous appearance as shown below. We sanded the entire floor, using incrementally softer sandpapers until we reached a satisfactory finish and smoothness.

After sealing the wood with a natural water-based lacquer we applied a second coat of satin-matte finish and then lightly sanded the floor. Since we are applying a water-based finish, the grain naturally rises as it is moistened. This final, light sanding removes this harshness and gives the final coat of finish a smooth surface to cling to and rest upon.

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