Lightly Staining, French Polishing and Antiquing New Solid Oak Doors

Twenty two solid oak doors are being stained and french polished on- site using traditional methods. Our client wants the doors to look ‘old and worn, but well cared for.’

A bespoke stain made by charcoaling walnut shells, is being applied onto the oak doors to give a natural looking colour.  This will be left overnight to dry completely.20150714_110848


The stain can be altered to give a deep nutty Georgian colour by increasing the strength of stain.

Oak Chevron Parquet Floor fitted Over Under Floor Heating (UFH)

Now the oak chevron has been fitted there is still alot of work to complete. Having lightly smoothed the oak chevron floor we use the finest wood dust and mix with a resin to give a flawless finish. 20150812_145252

After extra smoothing, the new oak floor chevron parquet is thoroughly vacuumed and wiped clean.  The client wants the oak to be as lighter shade as possible. The area is being applied with four coats of satin lacquer that will dry off much lighter than appears now – another pair of socks ruined !! 20150812_174651

Fitting New Oak Chevron Parquet over Under Floor Heating

This is a new oak chevron floor being fitted over U.F.H. A chevron floor differs from standard parquet as the ends butt together forming a point, which gives a stunning but subtle quality floor.

Marking out the floor and the angle of the oak chevron points are so critical in the laying and setting out of the oak chevron. Every section of oak must be cut exactly to give a crisp edge.  20150811_085830

Choosing the correct adhesive is vital for the long term durability of the floor, especially with U.F.H. This first mix is being prepared and mixed slowly keeping aeration to a minimum. We have 2 hours working time before the adhesive sets rock solid. The green bucket keeps the area clean !!

The pointed wood is sections of the oak chevron awaiting stick down onto our plywood base.20150805_151537

Fine Antique French Writing Table – Leather Top & Gilding (gold) Restoration

The leather top (skive) has been carefully repaired with small leather patches. These have been dyed and carefully inserted into the burnt holes. The surrounding area then coloured with special pigments to match the original patina and colour.  works pics 03-12-12 033

The worn areas of 23.5 carat gold leaf was water gilded and finished to match the original.  works pics 03-12-12 034


Now fully restored, the fully restored writing table is carefully returned to our satisfied client.

Fine French Antique Leather Writing Desk – Repair

This beautiful french writing desk has a number of necessary repairs, the fine marquetry is being repaired in this (upside down) pic.IMG_0260

The fine leather top (skiver) has many deep burn marks, many down to the wood base, in an antique of this quality, the leather is better repaired than replaced as the value and authenticity will suffer.

The gilded mouldings  are quite worn and require 23.5 carat gold leaf to restore to pristine conditionIMG_0259

You can see the burnt leather skiver – possibly – probably cigar or cigarette damage.IMG_0257


The antique leather top writing desk now filled and repaired.

works pics 03-12-12 033

Fine French antique writing desk, fully restored

works pics 03-12-12 034


Spiral Staircase

French polishing a staircase – especially a spiral staircase is not easy, the various natural wood colours have to match seamlessly. We achieve this by adding earth pigments into our french polish until the stair sections naturally blend. once completed the staircase is  then carefully beeswaxed to a lustre finish for many, many years of service and pleasure.

Stained Oak Panelling

This heavily moulded oak paneling is destined for a university in Cambridge. After lightly sanding, we made sample panels to check and ensure our work matched the existing 18C. The stain being applied is a traditional stain made from charcoaled walnut husks. This gives a unique warm nutty colour,ageing the oak beautifully.