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Mortimer House – Antique Oak Parquet Circular Matwell

While the Ground floor restaurant parquet was being fitted. The main entrance matwell has been designed in an oval with straight sides. This being carefully marked out & cut by Barfords.


The finished result is quite stunning, with the oak parquet finished with french polish & matte anti slip lacquer



Mortimer House – Parquet replacement and sanding

When we gain access to blueprints for the finalised Ground Floor, we learn that the finished room will be divided between Parquet floors and tiles. We set out markers for the floor and begin to restore and replace any Parquet that is damaged. We cordon off the area while this is happening, as while we’re wearing Dust Masks, other people on site may not be. Our Sander is equipped with an inbuilt Vacuum cleaner, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The final sand is then covered with boards to protect it from foot-traffic until we can return to put the finish on the floor.


Community Centre Parquet Floor Restoration – 6

The parquet is sanded flat, we only remove the minimum amount necessary, as too much sanding reduces your wooden floors lifespan. Its best to have the floors restored properly, with the toughest lacquers and have a good maintenance routine to look after your floor.20160407_140044

This is the area with the parquet repair, the sanding is nearly completed – virtually dust free !!

Community Centre Parquet Floor Restoration – 5

After a good tidy up, the replacement parquet is ready for sanding. The first sanding test area shows that underneath both surfaces, the wood is the same. Old sealer varnish turns browny – yellow under sunlight. The latest lacquers do not yellow.



The original parquet being carefully sanded to remove the old sealer.


Community Centre Parquet Floor Restoration – 3

In the community centre, the reclaimed parquet must be inspected, then thoroughly cleaned on the unseen surfaces before fitting into position. Using the correct adhesive is most critical. 20160405_111815


These pictures are the reclaimed parquet being fitted tightly into position.

Community Centre Parquet Floor restoration – 2

After taking sub floor moisture readings, we then have to identify the wood species. Many wood species are banned from use because of their rarity. We scourced the parquet in a large enough quantity.
This allowed us to commence the works. Because the hall is in constant use, we had a 2 week window to complete the project.

This is the area now the plywood has been removed and the subfloor made good. The cardboard boxes contain the new parquet flooring