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Village Hall Floor with Badminton lines


Barford Contractors  Ltd was requested to quote to restore the  village hall wood floor.

A time schedule was agreed with the comittee. The project involved repairing / replacing broken maple wood strips.

Re paint the badminton court

Apply 4 coats of durable satin matte lacquer to seal the wooden floor.

This picture is prior to the project commencing.

Maple wood floor prior to refurbishment
Maple wood floor prior to refurbishment

Mortimer House – Parquet replacement and sanding

When we gain access to blueprints for the finalised Ground Floor, we learn that the finished room will be divided between Parquet floors and tiles. We set out markers for the floor and begin to restore and replace any Parquet that is damaged. We cordon off the area while this is happening, as while we’re wearing Dust Masks, other people on site may not be. Our Sander is equipped with an inbuilt Vacuum cleaner, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The final sand is then covered with boards to protect it from foot-traffic until we can return to put the finish on the floor.


Barbican Theatre Stage – Preparing Raising Stage Fronts

The Stage rear sections rise and lower offering different aspects to the stage.  The stage front colour is to be altered. and are covered in a thin maple veneer, which has been damaged from rubbing during the stage lifting. We sanded with dust free sanders so the dust would not interfere with the screw lifting mechanism below the stage.



The Barbican Theatre Stage – Restoration

The Barbican Theatre Stage, has the rear stage sections lifted. The Risers have been previously coloured and is very badly gouged, which must be removed before a colour and class 0  spread of flame finish is applied.

As the risers are veneered maple, less than 1 mm thick. This varnish stripping or removal process is being completed with great care. The maple floor still requires finishing.


Community Centre Parquet Floor Restoration – 6

The parquet is sanded flat, we only remove the minimum amount necessary, as too much sanding reduces your wooden floors lifespan. Its best to have the floors restored properly, with the toughest lacquers and have a good maintenance routine to look after your floor.20160407_140044

This is the area with the parquet repair, the sanding is nearly completed – virtually dust free !!