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Mortimer House – Antique Oak Parquet Circular Matwell

While the Ground floor restaurant parquet was being fitted. The main entrance matwell has been designed in an oval with straight sides. This being carefully marked out & cut by Barfords.


The finished result is quite stunning, with the oak parquet finished with french polish & matte anti slip lacquer



The Barbican Stage – Restoring The Stage Area

The Barbican Stage is being prepared, Gareth is removing the heavy maple edges, While Alan P. is checking the gaps as the rear of the stage lifts in sections. In the foreground is the main floor sanding machine and dust extraction unit


With all the prop work completed. We still protect the listed paneling, also the front seating. The Barbican Theatre Maple Stage is now being carefully dust-free sanded. The difference is amazing, – even at this early stage!6-removing-the-existing-finish

Spray Painting Kitchen Unit

Barfords can spray finish almost anything!! this includes new and existing items, from Kitchens to offices and retailers.

This kitchen unit is receiving its final beautiful paint coat. Once dry the protection will be very carefully removed, transforming the kitchen with a brand new look – and the savings £££££ are truly significant.20150630_172135