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Mortimer House – Antique Staining the Oak Floor

Once the repairs are completed, the area was off limits to staff while the floor was being stained. Using traditional waterstains with a twist, the antique oak strip floor was aged and given a silvery sheen.

We allways work with the grain and keep neat, to give the best finish possible.


Whist this antiquet oak strip floor is being stained, we have masked up the skirting areas.


Stripping and Restoring Wood Beams Using Poultice Method

This is a columbian pine ceiling beam that was heavily painted with many coats of black paint.  We removed these existing layers of paint using a special poultice. This method is also ideal for stone work pillars.

It is far safer method than chemical stripping and does not damage /ruin the wood as sandblasting. We have used this method in very famous London buildings and the results can be truly outstanding.IMG_-vvwx8d


The other advantage of our poultice method is that the waste is safe to put into landfill skips, While traditional chemical stripper is not allowed. Look at the layers easily remove to expose the wonderful pitch pine under layers of black paint.

Removing finish poultice method 2 (2)


The stripped Columbian pine beams now being treated and finished to match our clients decor and requirements.

Re finishig beams after poulticeWell done Dave, that looks superb !!!!