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Fine Antique French Writing Table – Leather Top & Gilding (gold) Restoration

The leather top (skive) has been carefully repaired with small leather patches. These have been dyed and carefully inserted into the burnt holes. The surrounding area then coloured with special pigments to match the original patina and colour.  works pics 03-12-12 033

The worn areas of 23.5 carat gold leaf was water gilded and finished to match the original.  works pics 03-12-12 034


Now fully restored, the fully restored writing table is carefully returned to our satisfied client.

Fine French Antique Leather Writing Desk – Repair

This beautiful french writing desk has a number of necessary repairs, the fine marquetry is being repaired in this (upside down) pic.IMG_0260

The fine leather top (skiver) has many deep burn marks, many down to the wood base, in an antique of this quality, the leather is better repaired than replaced as the value and authenticity will suffer.

The gilded mouldings  are quite worn and require 23.5 carat gold leaf to restore to pristine conditionIMG_0259

You can see the burnt leather skiver – possibly – probably cigar or cigarette damage.IMG_0257


The antique leather top writing desk now filled and repaired.

works pics 03-12-12 033

Fine French antique writing desk, fully restored

works pics 03-12-12 034