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Mortimer House Antique Oak Flooring – Completed

The antique oak floor completwed by Barford’s looks stunning, with a classic timeless look – only completed a few weeks before the furniture arrived !!



This is an office area, where all the repairs and removed trunking are a distant memory. Once again an elegant antique oak floor that has been restored to look 100 years old !!


Mortimer House – Antique Staining the Oak Floor

Once the repairs are completed, the area was off limits to staff while the floor was being stained. Using traditional waterstains with a twist, the antique oak strip floor was aged and given a silvery sheen.

We allways work with the grain and keep neat, to give the best finish possible.


Whist this antiquet oak strip floor is being stained, we have masked up the skirting areas.


Matching Colours on a Worn Oak Antique Floor

This oak floor area was badly worn. Our client wanted the worn area repaired and coloured to match the existing. This is a section of the area after removing the existing finish. Top of pic shows staggering the boards.Oak floor sanded 1

This is another view of the antique oak floor from another side. the slight staining is trying natural waterstains to blend the colour and ensure it has the same ‘feel’.

Oak floor sanded 4After a few trials, the floor is now stained to match with the existing – Always mix more than enough and let it stand, just in case the colour alters !!

Oak floor stained


First stain applied to the antique oak its matching very nicely. The flash is reflecting from the stain as its not dry yet.Oak floor coloured and french polishedThe repaired oak section almost complete. Just need to remove the masking tape and lightly beeswax the floor. The sheen will drop to a satin matt once dry.