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Mortimer House – Parquet replacement and sanding

When we gain access to blueprints for the finalised Ground Floor, we learn that the finished room will be divided between Parquet floors and tiles. We set out markers for the floor and begin to restore and replace any Parquet that is damaged. We cordon off the area while this is happening, as while we’re wearing Dust Masks, other people on site may not be. Our Sander is equipped with an inbuilt Vacuum cleaner, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The final sand is then covered with boards to protect it from foot-traffic until we can return to put the finish on the floor.


Mortimer House – Parquet floor

The ground floor of Mortimer House is Parquet, and differs from the other floors in the building. It called for different treatment, and a different finish. We spoke with the client and narrowed down his request to the different finishes set out below. We again sanded the area back to ensure the finish was as accurate to the final product as possible.


Mortimer House – Restoring and Replacing an 87 year old floor

We began work at Mortimer House by obtaining numerous permits and certifications clearing us work on such a site, including an Asbestos Awareness course and undergoing SSSTS training.

We set about sanding down a small area of a floor and applying a number of finishes to it to allow the client an understanding of what the floor would look like when completed.  These samples included a variety of water-based lacquers and Oil finishes.


Stripping and Restoring Wood Beams Using Poultice Method

This is a columbian pine ceiling beam that was heavily painted with many coats of black paint.  We removed these existing layers of paint using a special poultice. This method is also ideal for stone work pillars.

It is far safer method than chemical stripping and does not damage /ruin the wood as sandblasting. We have used this method in very famous London buildings and the results can be truly outstanding.IMG_-vvwx8d


The other advantage of our poultice method is that the waste is safe to put into landfill skips, While traditional chemical stripper is not allowed. Look at the layers easily remove to expose the wonderful pitch pine under layers of black paint.

Removing finish poultice method 2 (2)


The stripped Columbian pine beams now being treated and finished to match our clients decor and requirements.

Re finishig beams after poulticeWell done Dave, that looks superb !!!!


Matching Colours on a Worn Oak Antique Floor

This oak floor area was badly worn. Our client wanted the worn area repaired and coloured to match the existing. This is a section of the area after removing the existing finish. Top of pic shows staggering the boards.Oak floor sanded 1

This is another view of the antique oak floor from another side. the slight staining is trying natural waterstains to blend the colour and ensure it has the same ‘feel’.

Oak floor sanded 4After a few trials, the floor is now stained to match with the existing – Always mix more than enough and let it stand, just in case the colour alters !!

Oak floor stained


First stain applied to the antique oak its matching very nicely. The flash is reflecting from the stain as its not dry yet.Oak floor coloured and french polishedThe repaired oak section almost complete. Just need to remove the masking tape and lightly beeswax the floor. The sheen will drop to a satin matt once dry.





French Polishing to Restore an 18th C. Solid Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table

A beautiful Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table. One leaf has experienced alot of damage with the mahogany very pitted. The works are carried out at the clients address. 20151203_093959[1] This picture shows the wear and pitted leaves in this antique  Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table.

20151204_082827[1]The original Brass castor has fallen off, its tapered and is normally burred over with a hand made washer, then  hammered to stop the castor dropping off.20151204_082853_HDR[1]


This is how the castor from the Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table should be restored.20151203_122407[1]This is the damaged leaf, it had the existing finish removed with low VOC chemical stripper so not to damage the finish. Stripping is our last resort, but after staining it now matches in well with the existing central leaf. 20151204_125710[1]So after a couple of days french polishing, this is the restored antique Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table. Its important to leave the original marks, dents and gouges. It’s had approx. twenty light coats of shellac applied to obtain this deep but thin finish – (note the light reflection). 20151204_125615[1] Another pic of the damaged section now fully restored antique Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table  – scroll back to the first image !!!20151204_125631[1]


All the leaves of this antique Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table now fully restored and blend beautifully. The outer legs swing out to hold the outer leaves in place. The three solid leaves appear to have been cut from the same tree section, as the grain pattern is very similar.20151204_131726[1] Our floor protection is packed away, this Antique Brazilian Mahogany Penbroke Dining Table  is now a superb piece of furniture – and our very nice client is extremely pleased!!!





Fine French Antique Leather Writing Desk – Repair

This beautiful french writing desk has a number of necessary repairs, the fine marquetry is being repaired in this (upside down) pic.IMG_0260

The fine leather top (skiver) has many deep burn marks, many down to the wood base, in an antique of this quality, the leather is better repaired than replaced as the value and authenticity will suffer.

The gilded mouldings  are quite worn and require 23.5 carat gold leaf to restore to pristine conditionIMG_0259

You can see the burnt leather skiver – possibly – probably cigar or cigarette damage.IMG_0257


The antique leather top writing desk now filled and repaired.

works pics 03-12-12 033

Fine French antique writing desk, fully restored

works pics 03-12-12 034