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Matching Colours on a Worn Oak Antique Floor

This oak floor area was badly worn. Our client wanted the worn area repaired and coloured to match the existing. This is a section of the area after removing the existing finish. Top of pic shows staggering the boards.Oak floor sanded 1

This is another view of the antique oak floor from another side. the slight staining is trying natural waterstains to blend the colour and ensure it has the same ‘feel’.

Oak floor sanded 4After a few trials, the floor is now stained to match with the existing – Always mix more than enough and let it stand, just in case the colour alters !!

Oak floor stained


First stain applied to the antique oak its matching very nicely. The flash is reflecting from the stain as its not dry yet.Oak floor coloured and french polishedThe repaired oak section almost complete. Just need to remove the masking tape and lightly beeswax the floor. The sheen will drop to a satin matt once dry.





Distressed Oak Parquet Floor – Finishing

The oak parquet is having a wax/oiled finish.

In this pic the oak parquet has been fitted, but needs  a threshold between the oak and marble tiles. The architraves have been cut to receive the bespoke oak threshold. 20160104_110711

We made the oak threshold on- site. it brings the two area’s together nicely. The oak floor looks superb, and will mellow down in a month’s time.



Skirting boards are measured and fitted, ensuring all the corners match together and any scribing in to the walls is completed. 20160111_110558


A final light buzz over to remove any bits that settle when drying, then the final coat of hardwax/ oil is applied to the oak parquet floor.

Distressed Oak Parquet Floor – Marking out and fitting the Parquet

Once the screed is dry, the floor is set out for the oak parquet.

You can see the nicely rounded edges that the distressed oak parquet gives.20151217_122022 20151217_121953The oak parquet is carefully measured to align with the doorway and correct adhesive used to hold the parquet in place. We use laser lines to ensure spot on accuracy. – nice pants !!



Distressed Oak Parquet Floor – Removing Old Finish and Leveling Floor

We are fitting a distressed solid oak parquet floor to a hallway and dining room. Our client required a distressed finish for to give a ‘ used but looked after’ effect.

First the existing floor was lifted and the old bitumen adhesive removed

20151214_082717 - Copy20151214_082742 - CopyThe floor is checked for flatness.

20151216_083434The same area with a leveling screed. The lighter area is where the radiator pipes are drying the screed. Its not ready until completely dry and checked with a moisture meter.