Coloured Floors

Lately Clients have been asking us if we could apply coloured lacquers and oils to their floors to drastically change their appearance. With a bit of mixing, we’re all too happy to help!
This floor in a high-rise in Westminster had been scratched and scraped while furniture was moved. We gave the floor a very fine sanding and applied a darkened water-based lacquer over it.

At another job, a Client asked us to match a pine floor to their marble-laid kitchen. We laid out several samples of water-based lacquer, comprising of different sheen levels as well as pigment and colour.20190430_080807
The client decided that they liked being able to see the grain of the floor through the colour, and opted for a translucent satin finish. While the finished result is subtle, it connects the hallway and lounge to the kitchen sublimely. 20190501_131933

Once work starts, it doesnt stop! Within a week, another client had contacted us asking for a similar treatment. They also wanted to be able to see the grain of their floor, but with a far darker colour. This is our first sample, which the clients liked very much.
We then set about sanding the floor back to bare wood, as any existing lacquer or stain would show through the colour we applied.

Luckily, the client wasnt the only one who liked the floor!

Barfords and Blue!
Barfords and Blue!

Village Hall Floor with Badminton lines


Barford Contractors  Ltd was requested to quote to restore the  village hall wood floor.

A time schedule was agreed with the comittee. The project involved repairing / replacing broken maple wood strips.

Re paint the badminton court

Apply 4 coats of durable satin matte lacquer to seal the wooden floor.

This picture is prior to the project commencing.

Maple wood floor prior to refurbishment
Maple wood floor prior to refurbishment

Mortimer House Antique Oak Flooring – Completed

The antique oak floor completwed by Barford’s looks stunning, with a classic timeless look – only completed a few weeks before the furniture arrived !!



This is an office area, where all the repairs and removed trunking are a distant memory. Once again an elegant antique oak floor that has been restored to look 100 years old !!